Is Justin Bieber A Shapeshifting Reptilian?!

You read that right folks – People in Australia are reporting they say Bieber shape shift into a lizard!

As ridiculous as this sounds… The reports are coming in from all over Perth:

Mashable said:

“The alleged story allegedly interviewed several witnessed, who served up some very exciting quotes like: “There were girls hiding in toilets, crying. Guys were running for the exits, jumping in taxis to get out of there.” Because I know the first thing I do when a pop star shapeshifts into a lizard in front of me is notice how each gender of witnesses respond.”

Here’s a screen shot of the original article:

Could there be any truth tot he rumors? Surely there couldn’t be. But nevertheless the reports just wont stop coming in. It’s funny because Bieber is one of the most photographed and followed stars on the planet yet NO ONE captured a clear picture of this supposed “shift” into a giant lizard.

Until more info comes out I’m calling this one pure BS!

Here’s some more photos of the incident:

Does this photo show Justin having “reptile eyes” – NO! most likely not…

Here’s Justin shielding himself from photos in the airport – Nothing to see here.

Same shot – closer up: As you can see (or not see) it’s just a weird blur causing all this mess!